It’s like we feel the same way about junk and stuff… or whatever

Yes, that’s a quote from Futurama. No, it doesn’t sound the least bit intelligent.


It does describe the kind of relationship Karl and I have.

Neither of us are brilliant wordsmiths so starting a blog might seem like a silly thing to do but we’re willing to give it a go. If we’re lacking in commentary we’ll try to make up for it with pictures. One of the reasons we’ve started this blog is because we often forget what we’ve been up to. Weird, right? We’ve been asked a few times “what’s going on?” and neither one of us has an answer. It’s not like we’ve done nothing for weeks, or that we can’t talk about it because it’s private. We’ve been doing Stuff and Junk… or whatever.

Boring first post? Yep. Will try harder next time. 😉

Miss Thrifty aka Claire


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