Monthly Archives: March 2012

Sheets and such

Honestly- this is just me going off on a rant about something not that important. I figured some of you might be able to understand my frustrations.

Mr Thrifty and I have been together for four years but we’ve only been living together for the past year. For the past few months we’ve been stockpiling good quality items for our home and our life together. The one thing we seem to be failing at are bed sheets!

I bought a set of 600TC sheets about 6 years ago to go when I bought my brand new bed and I loved them. They weren’t too hot or too cold. In August I woke up to find a gigantic tear across the fitted sheet. If I knew there was a small hole I would have repaired it but it was more than a meter across when I woke up so they had to be retired. I thought “No problem! I bought them locally, I’ll just pop down and get another set or two. It doesn’t matter if they’re not on sale, I like them.”… When I got there, all they had was cheap and nasty sheet sets. The shop no longer sells quality/premium sheets. I was far more upset (not the right word) about it than I should have been. I just can’t believe they could stop selling something that lasted so long. I slept on those sheet for over 2000 days, with no spare set, and I had grown attached to them!

Mr Thrifty and I tried to sleep on some cheap and cheerful set. I got very little sleep because he was scratching all night. He has all kinds of allergies and sensitive skin, and it’s possible some of it is in his head but I can sympathize at least. They weren’t going to work out, so off we went again.

My sister and a work friend had both raved about the 1000TC sheets from another department store so we hunted them down to give them a try. The weirdest thing about these sets- they contained a fitted sheet and two pillowcases… but no top sheet. What the..? Oh well, we reused my old 600TC top sheet, it was still in good nick. We bought two sets because they were on special. They were thicker than my 600TC, but they weren’t that luxurious or awesome to sleep on. They did stop Mr Thrifty from itching though so we slept well. After washing them a second time- they started to fall to pieces. Now, every single pillowcase has split at the seam somewhere and I mean split, not just popped stitches. One of the pillowcases has warped a reasonable amount, possibly due to shrinking in the wash because it just won’t sit straight. On the fitted sheets, the fold over elastic has come away from the sheet at most corners. What a flipping nightmare- and we bought two sets of this junk! My mother has suggested we take it back for a replacement or store credit. Two sets, less than four months old should not be falling to pieces like this.

On a happier note, we purchased some 100% bamboo sheet sets online just after Christmas and they’ve been on our bed since New Years (yes, they’ve been washed!). They’re nothing like my thick cotton sheets but in their own way they’re quite lush to sleep in and under. I’d compare it to sleeping in flannelette, then changing into a pure silk nightie, minus the shine. Both comfortable in their own way but a very different experience. The biggest disappointment with the new “Bambusa” Sheets has been the mount of microscopic pilling which is occurring down at feet level. We contacted the retailer about it three days after we received them. The pilling had already started and we wondered if there was a fault. We never heard back from them- I guess that’s what to expect when buying online. For what it’s worth I don’t think Mr Thrifty and I will be going back to cotton sheets in the summer but I think we’ll scour a Sheridan outlet for some winter weight sheets before it gets too chilly.

In the mean time I need to buy one of those shaver/razor gizmos for de-pilling the bamboo sheets because they’re worth the effort!