Simplicity 1800- The Finished Dress

S1800_FinalThe dress is finished and I absolutely love the style. I’d happily make two or three more to see me through the summer. I’m glad made the necessary changes to the paper pattern before cutting in to the fabric. I’ve ended up with a great pattern I can re-use and know it’s going to fit just as well as this dress does. The drape and weight of the fabric is perfect for this style, it’s so comfy and cool to wear. It is a bit bright compared to what I normally wear so I am considering hunting down a cropped short sleeve cardigan in red to wear with it while I get used to seeing myself in something other than solid colours. I discovered I have a pair of shoes that match the dress almost perfectly. How cool is that?

2013-09-22 10.09.49I changed the pattern to a lined bodice and sleeves instead of using the facings. I like how the edges of the neckline and sleeves are finished because of the lining. There is one thing I’d tweak next time around (and there will be a next time!) and that’s the curve of the princess seam. It’s a little bit pointy and sits a bit low, a smoother and higher curve would suit me better, I think.



12 thoughts on “Simplicity 1800- The Finished Dress

  1. LubbyGirl

    OK, this is interesting. I was thinking about this very style of dress on the drive home tonight (I think about weird things on commutes). I like the brightness of the material, very cheerful.

    1. Miss Thrifty Post author

      I’d highly recommend the pattern if you’re in the market for a non-stretch dress and you’re ok with empire seams and pleats. I think the key to making it work is a lighter weight, drapey fabric. The calico/muslin I used for the toile was a bit too crisp to behave well but the final version in the cotton/viscose blend is buttery soft and flows beautifully.
      The colours are growing on me but I think I need to make it up again as a Little Black Dress, like I need an excuse to make it again?!? 😛

      1. LubbyGirl

        Most definitely! And I can see this pattern in a little black dress, for sure. I do love empire waist and drapes – more flattering to my build. Lord willing, I can find that pattern next time I head to the fabric store!

  2. Sara

    I love the bright colors, you fit this dress to yourself very well, it looks great! I sew for my girls but haven’t made myself any clothing becasue I’m scared of the fit! Ahh, I just need to jump in and make a muslin first!

  3. thornberry

    I love the finished dress – your calico versions were very much worthwhile! I always like colour, and think that the print looks great on you. I found your blog via Pattern Review – I’ve just bought this pattern – and have really enjoyed reading through your older posts. I look forward to watching your sewing adventures!

  4. Zoe

    Looks good! Great fit. The toiles were definitely worth the trouble. It’s such a relief when it pays off! You could probably adapt the pattern by cropping the length to make a shirt version as well, or keep the bodice and modify the skirt for different variations on the dress. Very flattering.

  5. Ruth

    This dress lookst great on you! Because of that I’m picking up the pattern on PR while it’s on sale for $2.99. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  6. MariaTeresa

    I have had this pattern for ages and am planning to make it soon. Thank you for posting a photo so that I can see what it really looks like on larger woman. It looks really cute.

  7. Caroline Gough

    Did you miss out the zip? I’m going to make this in a liberty tana lawn and I don’t know whether to change the pattern to pocketless or not and make it longer. Your dress is gorgeous ❤️❤️

    1. Miss Thrifty Post author

      I’ve left the zip out on all versions so far and haven’t missed having one. I really like having the pockets when made in a patterned fabric, but don’t like them that much when I’ve made it in a plain colour, which is weird! I haven’t made it up as the long version at all, so can’t sway you either way there! Do check back and let me know what combination you end up making, liberty’s tana lawn is so lush to work with, lucky you! 🙂


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