Simplicity 1612 – Another Summer Dress


I bought two patterns from Simplicity during their last online sale and this is the second pattern from that purchase. The pattern is Simplicity 1612, View A. It’s a knit dress pattern with a twisted front detail at the bust, a twisted back panel, cap sleeves and view A finishes at the knee. I used a retro white/orange/brown printed poly knit that’s been in my stash for yonks. I remember loving it at the time but then I realised the print ran the wrong way (selvedge to selvedge not lengthwise) and it ended up buried in the cupboard. Time to stash bust! 

S1612_FinalDressThe pattern went together easy enough, from cutting to hemming it took me an afternoon, about three and a half hours. I was anticipating some modifications so I didn’t use my nicer fabrics. It was made in a size 26W and for something straight out of the packet it’s turned out well enough to wear around the house BUT you can see my bra at the back so I won’t be wearing it in public. That’s the biggest change I need to make to the paper pattern if/when I make this up again ‘cuz my bra is visible and that’s not a good look! The twist at the bust worked out much better than I thought it would. It covers enough of my chest so that the front of my bra is covered but it’s still a nice steep v-neck. 

On to the list of modifications, none of them are essential but I like to aim for better each time I make something. I will add extra width to the lower inside curve of the back twisty piece and shift the notches on the skirt to match. I will probably cut about 5cm off at the hem to have it sit at or above my knee, it’s a touch too long at the moment (or alternatively I will make it a maxi!). The next time I make it I will shift the shoulder seam back by 1-2cm, I think it sits a bit too far forward. I’m also considering combining the back skirt and back twist panels into one simpler pattern piece for a faster style option. I like the waist shaping through the back so I’d leave the centre back seam. I know that sounds like a long list of changes but they’re all so minor and they will be quick to do. S1612_FSB

I wanted to break this up into a few posts but life has been a bit messy of late so I’m just putting up the finished project.


5 thoughts on “Simplicity 1612 – Another Summer Dress

  1. Kelley

    This is a really pretty dress!

    I found your blog when I was looking for plus-size versions of Simplicity 1800. I really liked your version of that, too. Thanks for sharing your sewing experiences. I really enjoy and appreciate reading about sewing experiences from a plus-size experience.

    I made up the Style Arc pants, too, but I’m not in love with them. I should go back and have another turn, I think. Lately I’ve been having great success with Sure-Fit Designs for pants, and I’ve fitted the dress block, but haven’t got around to making any yet.

    1. Miss Thrifty Post author

      I’ve had better luck with the linda pants after shifting the legs inwards (I should probably have made a post about that). I chopped them off at the knee, shifted the lopped off piece horizontally by about 3-4cm towards the centre and re-drafted the seam lines on the inseam and side seam. They’re not perfect but they’re much better now!

  2. Jesse

    I think the print is perfect for the dress. Also, were I you, I would pair it with a cardi or fitted jean jacket so I could wear it out of the house and not worry about my bra strap 🙂

  3. Laurie

    Hi- I am in the beginning stages of making this same dress, and was hoping to find some examples of it online. Yours turned out great! I have a question for you- I can’t see it well in the photo- does the seam that runs lateral across the bodice run across the middle of the chest area, or just below? I was hoping it would be under instead of across, but when I hold my bodice up to me it looks like it’s going to run right across the chest, and it feels like it’s too high. Was wondering how yours fit, or if mine is just too short/small. Thanks.

    1. Miss Thrifty Post author

      The centre of the twisted bodice goes a little below my bust point with the lower edge of the twist sitting below the bust. I’m not too bothered by the position and it would probably make a good maternity pattern with a cami insert underneath if you left the twist open until the side seams. I managed to bust the seam a while back (it was only chain-stitched), a little embarrassing but I can see the bright side!

      I believe Debbi Cook has a tutorial for a full bust alteration on a twist front top on her blog– if you were still looking to improve the fit. 🙂


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