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Chapter One- We’re Getting Married!

Mr Thrifty proposed in July- we’re finally getting hitched. We’ve settled on a date of July 5th, 2014 and we’re having our wedding and reception at The Circulating Library in South Australia (hence the Chapter One title, get it?!).

Institute Building SLSA

I’ll be posting a few of the things we’ll be DIY-ing for the wedding, the most notable of course will be my wedding dress! OMG! Huge undertaking! Scary! Exciting! Challenging!

I went fabric browsing with my mum last week just to see what’s out there for bridal laces, fell in love with one of them which solidified the design I had in my head. I spent the week tweaking the sketches, making sure I knew how much of the luscious (read: expensive) lace I’d need then went back and bought a length of it this week.

Beaded Tulle Lace

Beaded Tulle Lace- Large Motif

With the design somewhat decided (there’s always room for minor changes as it comes together) I figured I should start my own “Wedding Dress Saga” post for you all to follow along. We’re getting married on July 5th, so there’s about 6 months worth of work for me to share.

The design is for a fit-and-flare silhouette, featuring large lace appliqués and a few draped panels across both front and back. There is a bustled “pouf” around the knee which sits above an a-line tulle skirt. The straps or sleeves will be decided as it nears completion but I would like the back neckline to end in a V at the top of the zip/button closure.

Wedding Dress Sketch

So far I’ve been playing around with a corset pattern in order to get a good shape for the body of the dress. I’ve chosen the Freedom Corset from Bra Makers Supply. Some of the reasons for using this pattern is that it comes in my size, it’s quite full coverage and it has two variations- an overbust and and underbust corset in one package. I ordered it via etsy and it arrived in about two weeks (Canada to Australia).

The first one I made up was too big. I didn’t take my waist reduction into account so the lacing panels were touching and I had very little to show in the way of compression or support.

Corset Toile One FSB

The next version I made up as an underbust but lengthened below the hip to contain more of the belly pooch but I realised I do want an overbust. I don’t want to wear a bra and worry about my shoulder straps (no photos, it went in the bin).

The last version I’ve made from blockout curtain lining at $4AUD per meter (£2ish) and I am finally starting to get somewhere. It’s two sizes smaller than the first and long enough to contain the belly. I’ve drawn a few lines on the toile to show where I’d change the lengths but overall, for a toile, I am very happy with it. Oh, please excuse the serious slanting! The fabric was cheap, most likely very badly off grain, and you should never lace a corset as tight as I did on the first try, oops!

Corset Toile Two FBS
Anyways! With the corset portion somewhat sorted I will be roping MrT into helping me make another brown paper tape dummy over the top of the corset so that I have an accurate dummy to work with, my old one is now too fat (yay!). Fingers crossed we might get to that stage tomorrow, otherwise it has to wait another week!

Other than that I need to figure out my order for corsetry supplies and get that going so that it arrives with plenty of time to spare. As far as I can tell it will be cheaper for me to order from the UK and have it shipped- and I’ll be ordering extra boning and such for the wedding dress as well.

Phew- long first post! Hopefully the next few will be shorter. Ha!


BurdaStyle Francesca Toile #2

I’ve finished the second toile, this time with the sleeves. It’s a big improvement in how it feels when it’s on but I’m still going to change a few more things.

BurdaStyle Francesca Toile V2
The neckline was dropped but I think I can get away with being a bit more chop-happy for the final version. It’s still too high, I think, for the contrast bust panels to look nice.

The band under the bust has been levelled out, I’m happy enough with where it sits now. I think I’ll end up adding elastic between the two princess panels at the back and do away with the zip altogether.

I have wrinkly-pooling-foldiness happening at back waist. Can’t be bothered correcting that the “proper” way so I’m going to combine the back panels into one piece, add another 5-10cm and gather it where it attaches to the band.

The sleeves have a huge amount of ease! The difference between my armhole measurement and my sleeve head is 7cm- yikes. I think I might make a feature of the excess and keep the gathering theme going by making it a bit of a puff sleeve. The circumference at the sleeve hem is also a bit large, so I think I’ll add some elastic between where the ties finish, just to pull it in a bit.

Once it’s made out of a more drapey, floaty fabric I think this will be a winner. I’m quite pleased with how it’s coming along.

Sadly, no fabric shopping for me this weekend *wails!!*. With any luck I’ll get out to the fabric shop on pay-day though.

What’s that curled up behind our bin?

Our neighbour was out walking his dog earlier tonight and he passed a woman who said she had seen an echidna walking up our driveway. Sure enough, there it was, curled up behind the rubbish bins.

Our lovely neighbour said he’d ring the wildlife people to see if they needed to relocate our newest visitor to somewhere safe. We’re just off a main road and would hate for something bad to happen to the poor little thing. In the meantime Mr or Ms Echidna is more than welcome to spend the night.

We have Blue-Tongued Lizards who call our back yard home as well as a Tawny Frogmouth that visits once in a while but this is the first time I’ve seen an Echidna in suburbia so I had to get a photo!

– Miss Thrifty

Free Stuff!

Tonight- Miss Thrifty and I went … well, not dumpster diving, but hard refuse scrounging. It’s that time of year when the local council comes to collect all kinds of things people want to throw out but can’t because it’s too big to fit in their regular rubbish bin and/or they can’t get it to the dump.

Lots of great and potentially useful things get thrown out, and over the past week or two the streets have accumulated piles of stuff. Every night on the way home from work I would spot something else and think to my self “Ooh! that would be good for something”. Some of the highlights that I’ve seen around include interior doors (matching set of 3, minus door knobs), a display cabinet set (5 or 6 pieces, full height, with glass doors) and the pieces which made us decide to go out and have a look around tonight, two large mirrors.

The problem with having seen all of this and planning to go get it is that it turns out that today was collection day and almost everything was gone! None of the streets I have regularly driven past had anything at all left out, which was very disappointing (the two mirrors we went specifically to get where going to be put together on a wall, one above the other in our new workshop as a full length mirror).

We drove around for a while looking for an area that hadn’t been picked up yet. Eventually we came across one small back street which hadn’t been done. Truthfully it looked as though it had just been missed by the collection trucks. All the streets around had been done, but this one not. Right down the end of the last block in a little dead end section we came across a find that, while not what we set out too get, did make the drive worthwhile.

Standing up against an old washing machine, in amongst a broken chair and some boxes of who knows what was a big whiteboard! The same style used in classrooms and offices.

I’ve wanted to replace/get a second whiteboard for around the house for some time, and this was a beauty! Over 2m long and 1.x something high and metal backed (so we can stick magnets to it) it ticks all the boxes. Bearing in mind that it was out for hard refuse collection it’s not in the best shape. The frame is missing one corner, there are a couple of dents in it, and its got permanent(ish) drawings and words all over it and lots of tape residue too.

It’s a bit beat up, but should be made good again with a bit of elbow grease and turps.

For comparison we found a similar whiteboard new on the website for an office supply shop for $497.13!

Not bad for a freebie off the side of the road!

– Unexpected Idea Man

My Singer Story

I have very fond memories of learning to sew. I would have been around four years old when I learnt how to use a needle and thread and I was barely seven when I was first allowed to use my grandmothers old sewing machine.

I can remember sitting at the end of the kitchen table with my grandma’s big black Singer with all the fancy gold decals in front of me, slowly turning the hand crank and watching the tiny scraps of fabric being pulled through as the needle went up and down. Whenever my mother sewed I would go through the scraps to find pieces large enough for my “projects”. I made so many miniature sized cushions and bedspreads, stuffing them carefully with crumpled up tissues, making sure they were the right size for my dolls.

While I can remember that it was my mother who sewed clothes for us, it was my grandma watching over me that lingers so strongly in my memories. She was patient with me but never sugar-coated her opinions, I was making tissue stuffed rectangles after all! If I made a mistake she took the time to correct me,  showed me where I went wrong and then tapped the machine and let me get back to it. I don’t ever remember her being frustrated, with me or with that sewing machine. Both of us were pretty gutted the day we discovered it had gone missing from under the house. My grandma accused my mother of throwing it away, my mother pleaded her innocence and insisted someone had walked in off the street, seen it and thought they’d help themselves. I’m still not sure what happened to it- and twenty years later I still missed that machine. In a way I lost some of my memories and part of my family history the day that machine disappeared.

So I shared my story with Karl earlier this year.

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It’s like we feel the same way about junk and stuff… or whatever

Yes, that’s a quote from Futurama. No, it doesn’t sound the least bit intelligent.


It does describe the kind of relationship Karl and I have.

Neither of us are brilliant wordsmiths so starting a blog might seem like a silly thing to do but we’re willing to give it a go. If we’re lacking in commentary we’ll try to make up for it with pictures. One of the reasons we’ve started this blog is because we often forget what we’ve been up to. Weird, right? We’ve been asked a few times “what’s going on?” and neither one of us has an answer. It’s not like we’ve done nothing for weeks, or that we can’t talk about it because it’s private. We’ve been doing Stuff and Junk… or whatever.

Boring first post? Yep. Will try harder next time. 😉

Miss Thrifty aka Claire